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University of Miami Converts IDMS Applications

August 13, 2007 02:00 PM

Scott Miller
President and CEO

ATERAS has announced the successful conversion of the University of Miami’s 42 IDMS applications to a DB2 CICS COBOL environment. The University of Miami chose ATERAS based on their technical expertise and was the only vendor that offered 100% automation technology to meet the University’s requirements of a quick and error free conversion. Functionally equivalent code, equal or better performance and minimal impact on the user community was a requirement for the University, this was easily accomplished using DB-Shuttle™ automation technology. Solutions for ASP and JAVA Processing, IDMS table procedures, and IDMS culprit replacement were created for the University, as well as modernizing the business process for SQL access.

ATERAS modernized all mission-critical applications for the University of Miami, including: Human Resources, Payroll, General Ledger, Sponsored Research Administration and all student systems.  The following lines of code, programs and unique database structures were converted:
  • Over 9 million lines of code were converted
  • Over 795 IDMS Schema Records 
  • 2504 JCL job streams
  • Converted 1395 IDMS Maps      
  • Converted 1559 ADS/Online dialogs to COBOL/CICS   
  • Converted 1414 Batch and 116 DC-COBOL programs
  • Converted 327 IDMS Table Procedures to DB2 Stored Procedures
  • 881 unique database structures 
The University of Miami now has functionally equivalent applications running in an open-architecture environment providing seamless computing enterprise-wide, supporting a lower cost structure and providing greater business agility. The migration modernized all of the University’s business processes and moved them forward into a world-class e-university operation supporting the University’s Web-development efforts.

“We were able to convert all of the University’s system at one time, and yet it was totally transparent to all system users-we are thrilled! ATERAS’ technical expertise, automation technology and the understanding of the Universities specific needs, has impressed us. The performance of the converted DB2 applications is equal to or better than we had on IDMS. The relational environment has positioned us for future development and supporting our growth requirements, opening up data access, integrating data and applications,” says Mike Zucker, University of Miami’s information technology, applications development director.

“This successful conversion of the University of Miami’s IDMS applications further validates our expertise in providing 100% automated conversion solutions to relational technologies that are functionally equivalent. We are proud to be working with such a prestigious organization,” states Scott Miller, president and chief executive officer of ATERAS.

ATERAS has supported global enterprises for over 20 years offering state of the art services by modernizing legacy systems to the most current IT environments. The patent pending DB-Shuttle™ automation technology provides everything from comprehensive assessments of IT environments to fully automated conversions. DB-Shuttle offers a complete and automated method for organizations to protect legacy assets, reduce maintenance costs, provide agility and flexibility, and enable Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) of business-critical applications.

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