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Continuous Online Backup Solution Launches

January 9, 2009 11:00 AM

New solution offers simple online data backup powered by IBM software

Daniel Elfort

SoSure has announced the launch of a new online data backup solution, powered by IBM Tivoli Continuous Data Protection for Files software, for both private and business users.

IBM Tivoli Continuous Data Protection for Files software provides a simple data backup and recovery solution for PC users. The software continuously protects important files automatically, without requiring users to schedule backups. A copy of the file is stored on a local disk, while other copies can be sent to a file server or other device.

“We discovered the idea for SoSure after looking for a user friendly backup solution that was continuous and did not require scheduled backups or user activation. When we were unable to find a solution like this, we decided it was a necessary gap to fill in the backup industry.” Commented Daniel C. Elfort, Founder and CEO of SoSure.

In the past, continuous data protection (CDP) solutions have been very technical and required IT resources to set up and manage. This made it difficult for private users, and small and medium businesses to protect their data in the most secure way possible.

“Leveraging IBM’s continuous data protection software, SoSure has created a solution to help small, midsize businesses and private users protect their data without the need for dedicated IT resources often required to set up and maintain a backup environment,” said Daren Hanson, director of IBM OEM software sales.

SoSure is unique to the online backup industry in that it is a user friendly solution that offers the strongest backup technology on the market today. As long as customers have an internet connection, SoSure is able to securely backup user data whether customers are at home, at the office or on the road. By embedding IBM’s software, SoSure is offering private and business users with limited IT resources the ability to secure their data.

One example of such a company is GoIP International. GoIP is an Application Service Provider, delivering advanced “VoIP in a Box” solutions to Service Providers around the world. GOIP International works both directly and through multiple Tier 1 telecommunication companies worldwide to distribute VoIP systems to cover everything from 1st line replacement to mobile VoIP systems. This includes being first in the world to offer a private label iPhone VoIP product.

“We realized the need for an online backup solution with all of the information being accumulated from our resellers, customers and throughout our business development,” said Ivan Solvason, founder and CEO, GoIP International. “Because of our strong experience with IBM products in the past, we knew we could easily integrate this solution and trust SoSure to backup our irreplaceable files and documents.”

As a small business, GoIP had limited IT resources available to set up an effective backup solution. The quick setup time offered by SoSure was very important to GoIP International. In addition, the IBM technology that serves as the backbone of the SoSure solution addressed their need for a reliable backup solution.

In addition to offering a strong backup product, SoSure gives users the ability to customize their backup solution by only purchasing the amount of backup space they need for their files and documents. Licenses can be purchased from 3 GB all the way up to 500 GB of backup. A free 30 day trial is offered.

SoSure is an IBM business partner selling subscription-based online backup for individuals and businesses. We base our service on the market’s best software to deliver a highly secure hosting solution. SoSure is distributed directly to users around the world through the Internet and via our global business partners.

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