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Validate and Improve Schedules for Time-Sensitive IT Projects

April 28, 2009 10:00 AM

Bruce McGraw
Cognitive Technologies

Cognitive Technologies -- an IT consulting company specializing in project management and program management for the federal government and Fortune 1000 companies -- today announces the launch of OnTrack Schedule Assessment, providing an independent analysis and review of Microsoft Project schedules, along with recommendations to improve the schedule now, before lurking problems arise.

The OnTrack Schedule Assessment is designed to analyze, validate and improve the effectiveness of a critical schedule, identifying resource constraints and other problems that can often derail an IT project.

“IT projects often fail because of poor scheduling. Schedules for IT projects can be complicated, making it difficult to spot obvious errors from the beginning,” said Bruce McGraw, CEO, Cognitive Technologies. “Even Microsoft Project users aren’t immune to the schedule management and resource management issues that can lead to failure. The schedule experts at Cognitive Technologies can help you utilize Microsoft Project the right way so that your time and resources aren’t strained.”

The assessment requires little involvement from each customer and usually takes less than 10 business days to complete. Once a Microsoft Project file is uploaded to a secure site, Cognitive Technologies runs it through the OnTrack Schedule Assessment tool that analyzes 20 critical points of schedule failure. The results of this analysis are reviewed by one of Cognitive Technologies’ senior project managers, who scores the construction of the schedule and recommends areas for improvement. An easy-to-follow report is produced, which provides insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the project schedule. The report also highlights recommendations and potential areas of improvement for the schedule.

“Cognitive Technologies has performed this service for Fortune 500 and government clients who have given us very positive feedback,” said McGraw. “But,” he added, “IT projects of any size and budget can benefit from the service. The cost starts at an introductory $499 for the schedule assessment per project schedule of up to 500 lines.”

“We know that IT projects are complicated enough without having to worry about scheduling surprises along the way,” McGraw explained. “Our goal with the OnTrack Schedule Assessment is to take the guesswork and legwork out of making sure your IT projects stay predictably on schedule.”

Cognitive Technologies, Inc. ( is a professional services firm that delivers technology management services and solutions to commercial and government clients. Operating at the intersection of people and technology, Cognitive Technologies specializes in project and program management, requirements, process re-design, and the implementation of PMO tools. Visit our project management blog:

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