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Timesheet and Expense Management for the Entire Enterprise

April 27, 2009 10:00 AM

Journyx Announces Timesheet 7.7 and Organization Chart Manager

Bill Balcezak
General Manager, Time Division

Journyx – the first company to provide Web-based time-tracking and project accounting solutions that guide customers to per-person, per-project profitability – has announced a new version of its flagship product – Journyx Timesheet 7.7 – and a new tool for building a graphical representation of your company, Journyx Organization Chart Manager. Both of these products are designed to help customers realize substantial savings by automating time collection and processing – an added boost to companies looking for ways to cut costs in difficult economic times.

Journyx Timesheet 7.7
Journyx Timesheet – a timesheet and expense management solution for the entire enterprise – integrates with current payroll and billing applications, reducing the costly errors associated with manual processing and entry. Timesheet speeds up the billing cycle by simplifying and centralizing client approvals for time and expenses and cuts overhead costs by eliminating the drain of paper timesheet processing and storage costs.

New features of Timesheet 7.7 include:
•    Holiday schedules – Customers can create up to 15 distinct holiday schedules populated with individual holidays which can be assigned to groups.
•    Project owners/backup owners – This allows customers to assign owners to projects, which ensures that only the owner, and no other managers with project access abilities, can modify the selected project. Owners can assign backup owners temporarily or for the life of the project.
•    Reporting and administration – New features include the ability to change user names/login IDs, new system settings for leave requests, reports and approvals, field values tab reorganization and new group types for Projectlink users.

Journyx Organization Chart Manager
Complex organizational structures are often the most difficult hurdles to face when dealing with business software. Manually configuring any solution to handle the top-down reporting and bottom-up approval nature of many organizations is often a daunting task. Designed to work with data stored directly within Timesheet, Journyx Organization Chart Manager (OCM) builds a graphical representation of an organization and automatically creates the necessary reporting and approval infrastructure to help improve approval and reporting workflows.

  • OC Compliance Tool – The OC Compliance Tool shows a high-level view of current compliance status across every branch of an organization, and visually indicates where the gaps are in submitted and approved timesheets.
  • OC Viewer – The OC Viewer allows customers to view and edit an org chart via a rich user interface. It allows easy navigation through an organization’s structure, with detailed information provided on each supervisor. Specific details are available without having to visit multiple screens.
  • OC User Data Exporter – The OC User Data Exporter, an adjunct to the OC Viewer, produces a user import file containing all OC-related user custom fields. With this tool, customers can export user data, edit the resulting file, and then import the edited file to make multiple changes at once.
  • OC Reader – The OC Reader automates the maintenance of a top-down reporting structure and a bottom-up approval structure based on an org chart described in custom fields in a Timesheet installation.

“OCM delivers the Timesheet configuration needed to run your business more efficiently,” says Bill Balcezak, General Manager of the Journyx Time Division. “The capabilities of OCM, along with the new features of Journyx Timesheet, are exactly what our customers have been asking for. Our goal is to keep our customers satisfied and help them continue to reach their goals while slashing overhead costs at the same time. This is possible with Journyx Timesheet.”

Journyx Timesheet is a timesheet and expense management solution for the entire enterprise. Any company that bills for its services, performs project-oriented work, or tracks absences for a professional workforce can benefit from Timesheet. Customers can easily manage employee timesheets and expenses for project control, customer invoicing, and payroll automation with Timesheet. Journyx Timesheet is the foundation of the Journyx P5 Protocol™, your path to Per-person, Per-project Profitability. 

Journyx is the first company to provide Web-based time tracking and project management solutions that help companies ensure successful and profitable project outcomes.  Customers include American Airlines, Bayer, AC Nielsen, L'Oreal and Schlumberger. 

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